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Remediate, Review, Advance

Excell Tutoring was started so Mary Lou could continue teaching in a less formal setting.  Many years in a classroom taught her that some children and teens require focused attention.  They were bright and attentive when teaching occurred interactively and learned very quickly. 

Tutoring gives the student the personal attention they need to learn the topic thoroughly and to retain what they have learned.  Tutoring is rewarding for the student and the teacher.



Our Goals


  • To provide the best learning situation possible.
  • To show each student how to progress academically
  • To demonstrate a love of learning and accomplishment. 
  • To build confidence and pride in each student



We work at the public library. The library offers safe, quiet and friendly tutoring environment.  It is a place of learning where a student can build good study habits.


Tutoring at the library implicitly shows the student that the library offers a great place to study during the Intermediate, High School and College years.