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"Mary Lou and her husband David tutored my high school student daughter for a full school year.  Mary Lou focused on enhancing her study skills and David applied and reinforced those skills to the math curriculum.  Both were uniformly supportive in assisting my daughter and encouraging and reinforcing attainment of sustained abilities.  They were practical in using assignments from school coupled with Learning to Learn exercises in order to have outcomes reflected in improved grades.  This reinforced a positive sense of self-esteem and dedication to the tutoring sessions.  They each related to my daughter in different ways and both established a great working relationship with her.  They were flexible in accommodating her schedule and come well recommended."

     Russ A.

     Duxbury, MA


"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Mary Lou Rossano-Collier. Our 10-year-old daughter needed help with her study and organizational skills as well as vocabulary and sequencing. Mary Lou worked with our daughter for an hour after school twice a week for the second half of last year and the results were great. Our daughter showed significant improvement in almost every subject on her final report card. I feel that Mary Lou’s expertise in organizational skills really helped our daughter to excel in every subject.


A comprehensive learning style assessment really helped us to identify appropriate teaching methods that could be integrated into our daughter’s individual education program. As a result, math homework and math facts became routine for each session and dictionary work really helped with vocabulary. This was a major part of our daughter’s preparation for middle school.


Mary Lou also helped are daughter prepare and edit her writing sample for the entrance exam for the private school she now attends. It should be noted that one of four applicants are accepted and that the exam is a significant consideration component of the application process.

Overall, we are very happy to have found Mary Lou and would not hesitate to use her in the future should any of our children need tutoring."


     Christopher B.

     Duxbury, MA


"Mrs. R-C tutored our 6th grade son.  She worked on reading comprehension and organization.  She showed our son how to study for tests.  Mrs. R-C helped our son make sure he had all of his homework assignments completed and passed in on time.  As a result our son was much more prepared for the work he would have in 7th grade.  We were very pleased with the results of the tutoring sessions."

     Lisa T.

     Plymouth, MA


Mary Lou tutored our daughter this past spring and summer.  She used the SQ3R Reading/Study Program in conjunction with the 9th grade Biology book which was very helpful.  Mary Lou was eager and excited to teach the program which is a great quality in a tutor.  Mary Lou was always punctual and professional with our daughter.  The Duxbury Free Library location is very conducive to studying.  Mary Lou has excellent communication skills not only with her students, but with the parents as well.  I also appreciated Mary Lou's ability to be flexible when something unexpected came up.  She was always willing to adjust and help us with our schedule.  Our daughter learned quite a bit from the SQ3R program particularly because Mary Lou has such great tutoring qualities."


"David also tutored our daughter in Biology during the summer.  David was most helpful going over the basics of biology and introducing her to what she could expect in her coming school year.  David was patient and calm in a subject many may find intimidating.  This was helpful to our daughter.  David was very flexible and accommodating and we love the library location for their tutoring sessions.

     Joanne M.

     Duxbury, MA


"Mrs. Rossano-Collier tutored me, as an adult, in the skills of the English Language.  She worked on vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, greetings and social conversation.  Mrs. Rossano-Collier helped me with understanding the spoken language and writing English.   Mrs. Rossano-Collier helped me feel more comfortable in social situations.  She offered to assist me in the community and with neighbors.  She was always patient and very kind to me.  I will miss Mrs. Rossano-Collier when I return to Japan and my family.  I hope to come to visit Plymouth again."

     Hatsumi H.



"Mrs. Rossano-Collier tutored our son during the spring and then again during the summer.  She worked on organization skills as they would apply to 7th grade (Middle School).  She also helped our son with daily homework and preparing for tests.  Test grades improved as our son learned how to study.  Our son began to enjoy school more as a result of the positive tutoring sessions and better grades.  Mary Lou's husband also tutored our son for the next hour.  He worked on 6th grade math.  He used a lap top which our son really enjoyed.  He was very patient explaining the homework and going over the class work.  My husband and I were very pleased with the tutoring."

     Carol and John J.

     Plymouth, MA