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Remediate, Review, Advance

boat.JPGMary Lou Rossano-Collier

Educator/Organization Specialist


Mary Lou is a highly respected and experienced teacher.She holds a Masterís Degree in Education, Leadership and Organization.Mary Lou will assess your studentís learning modality and style and show them how to use it to their best advantage.Mary Lou tutors various age levels and curriculum areas.She specializes in organizational skills including time management, note taking and testing skills.Mary Lou is proficient in the use of the SQ3R Reading for Learning Program (Scan, Question, Read, Recite, Review).  This program can be integrated with all curriculum areas to increase understanding of the topic.

You can contact Mary Lou directly at mlrcoceanview@yahoo.com





David Rossano-Collier
David specializes in helping students with math and science. He has a degree in Physics and has spent many years in industry creating scientific products.David has spoken at the University of Massachusetts and has worked as a mentor in the engineering business.He is the Chief Engineer at ACS Telescada Corp in Pembroke, MA.David strongly believes that personal computers should be used in the teaching process.

You can contact David directly at